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About Rigweld Crane Hire Crane Hire / Riggers & Dogman

Rigweld Crane Hire (RCH) Was established in 2015 by Directors Leigh Capsalis and Ray Richards. This transformation from RIGWELD to RCH was created so we could expand on our well established past of specialised rigging and construction works into an ever-evolving future of supplying the complete package to clients. Inclusive of Crane Hire and rigging crews, we tailor our packages to each client, ensuring we are catering for all their needs.

Since 2015, RCH have expanded their general crane hire and speciality works to new heights, becoming one of the major players in all major Road Rail and Infrastructure projects across Melbourne. Our vast knowledge and experience is backed by our positive attitudes and high safety culture to exceed all your expectations.

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Steel Erection

Provision of crane, riggers and dogmen and all required work platforms requirements to perform work to marking plans and required levels. The grouting of the columns with supplied grout is included in our pricing unless otherwise notified.

We can also provide welders with our Ranger 405 D welding units to carry out scheduled welding requirements.

Machinery Placement

We can lift carry and place machinery according to the layout design and then fix in final position in conjunction with plant managers requirements.

Shutdown Works

Over Christmas period we can provide all cranes and required personnel for upgrades or new installations for the factory as required.

Roofing Placement

The placement of the roof section in conjunction with the roofing contractor.

Mesh, insulation roofing sheets, valley sections, capping and accessories can be carried out with our crew as designated on site.

Lintel Placement

Place and position lintels for widows and garages and doorways as required.


Our highly skilled work force are trained and have conducted all scopes of works on all major Road upgrades in Melbourne.

Tower Crane Crews

Our operators and support crew, dogmen and riggers are available to crew your crane throughout the projects life.

Panel Erection

In conjunction with the design engineers program for erection. We will drill the dowel bar holes place packers and carry out connections according to marking plan.

Welding of connection plates will be included in our costs.

Plant Room refurbishment

Placement of plant platforms, placement of Air Con units and air cooling towers to position .Lifting of Duct Work Bins and other components in to the building as required. Removal of units for service or replacement.

Frames and Truss Placement

Today we are seeing more building with prefabricated wall sections and the roof truss modules. Our crane crew can quickly place these assemblies in position and assist your staff to get the items level and ready for the next trade to follow.

Factory Relocations

Removal of all plant, transport to new location and then placed into new position throughout the building as required under the plant managers direction.

General Crane Hire

At Rigweld Crane Hire we can supply a mobile crane solution for your needs ranging from 13t to 90t and all others on request. We will combine our Knowledge to ensure the right crane for your needs.

Rail Works

Our specialised full ticketed and RIW complaint work crews are available with all Rail complaint equipment to work in all aspects of rail works.

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